Sugaring is a hair removal technique that's been around for a long, long time, practiced for centuries in the Middle East, Northern Africa,and Greece.
So what is it?

An all-natural gel or paste is made from ingredients like sugar, water and lemon juice, which is then used in a similar way as wax - to remove body hair from the roots. Whilst the sugar paste can be used with adhesive strips, traditionally it's used alone. The paste is balled up, and then applied and pulled off the skin in the same direction of hair growth, the sugary substance works by wrapping around the strands and then pulling hairs out from the follicle as it's rolled off the skin.

It's been hailed a 'less painful' approach to hair removal, as the sugary substance sticks only to hairs and not to the skin - meaning there is less pull, and therefore, less pain.

*Check Your Hair Length: Hair must be at least 1/4" long (think of a grain of rice)
*Clean Up: Skin should be clean and dry the day of your appointment
*Do Not Use Products: Refrain from using any oils, lotion, deodorant or any other skin care products on the treatment area prior to the appointment.
*Exfoliate: Please lightly exfoliate the area 24hrs prior to any hair removal appointment.

**Please let us know if this your first time waxing when making the appointment and if so please plan to arrive 5-7 minutes prior to your scheduled time to fill out appropriate paperwork and discuss goals with your service provider** **FEMALE CLIENTS ONLY**


Difference between wax and sugaring:

Sugaring paste does not stick to the skin, and only grabs onto the hair. Many may think this would cause sugaring to be less painful than wax, however, sugaring also has an added step of molding where the ball of sugar paste is spread onto the hair. This creates a tugging effect that can be quite painful. Sugaring and wax achieve the same results and is chosen based on customer's personal preference.

  • Brows - $15
  • Lip - $15
  • Chin - $13
  • Full Face - $45
  • Full Arm - $47
  • Half Arm - $38
  • Underarm - $24
  • Bikini Line - $35
  • Full Bikini - $50
  • Brazilian - $57
  • Full Legs - $72
  • Full Back - $60
  • Half Legs - $51

*Other services available upon request.*