Show Off Your Beautiful Golden Tan

Visit Chancee's for Tanning!

Get a luxurious, even tan when you choose Chancee's. Our tanning salon offers gorgeous, high-quality tanning services in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We also have a solar therapy bed, the latter of which comes with several health benefits.
In addition to not damaging the skin the way ultraviolet light can, solar therapy can also decrease acne scars and firm up collagen. Do you want to learn more? Call 205-872-6609 right now to speak with a tanning expert at Chancee's.

Hop in our solar therapy tanning bed for a high-quality, luxurious and affordable tan. The pricing for this system is as follows:

  • Solar Therapy - $10 a visit up to 20 minutes
  • Red Light Therapy - $10 a visit up to 20 minutes