Micro-Dosing: To properly dose your CBD, you must use a method called micro-dosing. Simply put, it means to start with small dosages until you reach desired effect. This is used for CBD oil, tinctures and edibles. Timing will be slightly different for edibles due to the delivery method. If you are using oil as a supplement, use 2-3 drops sublingually once a day. Follow the suggestions below for anxiety/stress, pain relief, and other ailments.

Oils/Tinctures: We recommend starting with 2-3 drops sublingually and holding it under the tongue for a full 60 seconds. Oils have a quicker onset and have a duration on average of up to 4 hours. After 45 minutes, assess how you are feeling and if necessary, dose again with 2 drops. You need to find a balance that’s right for you! If you take too little or too much, it can be ineffective. Paying close attention and keeping a journal will help you achieve your desired effect. Once you find the dosage that work, that is what you will use daily, or each time you take it. Everyone is different so do not dose your product according to someone else’s dosing.

Edibles: We recommend starting with a small dosage (10-20 mg). Edibles take an average of 90 minutes for onset and have a longer duration of 6-8 hours. Wait approximately 90 min to assess how you are feeling. Re-dose if necessary to reach desired effect.

Please Note: Taking too much CBD may cause drowsiness. If you are not taking it for sleep, do not take more that needed.
Store all oils and tinctures away from extreme light, heat and moisture. Keep edibles refrigerated for longer shelf life.



Using all natural lipid extraction with high pressure lipid bonding we have created an amazing oil with the flavors of fresh roasted peanuts and the aroma of the same. Our oils are hand made and individually checked for quality. All oils are guaranteed for freshness and dosage amount.